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About Us

About Amurhealth

At Amur Health you will find decades of knowledge pulled from numerous categories of the insurance industry. With deep rooted relations with the top carriers, there is nothing this agency can’t accomplish for you.
Amur Health Advisors is Veteran owned and operated.
Doing business with more than 10 carriers across 26 states. Amur health is grateful to our “Upline” Advocate Health Advisors for their guidance and support, so we can support our community the right way.

Doctors Analyzing File
Industry Expertise

Showcase the company's expertise in the health insurance field, including any certifications, awards, or recognition received.

Lockers with keys
Privacy and Security

Briefly touch on the company's commitment to safeguarding customer information, ensuring privacy, and maintaining a secure platform.

People Walking
Accessibility and Inclusivity

Emphasize the company's commitment to making health insurance accessible to a diverse range of individuals and communities.

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